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How childcare professionals can help your infant reach developmental milestones in Atlanta, Georgia

Posted on 05-02-2014


Developmental milestones are age-specific skills or tasks that children should be able to complete at different stages of development. Parents can use these milestones as guidelines but should not be overly concerned if their child has not yet reached a particular proficiency, as there are many factors that determine how fast a child progresses.

How will a learning academy help my child achieve milestones?

Unlike traditional daycare facilities, Kids 'R' Kids Learning Academy of Cascade, Atlanta, Georgia, actively creates an environment where your child is given the encouragement, guidance, and support necessary to reach generally accepted milestones at each stage of development. We know that children are unique and progress at different paces, which is why we offer professional infant educational programs that include a wide range of age appropriate activities that will support your baby in reaching the following milestones at his or her own pace:

  • Gross motor skills: The body's large muscles must be exercised to perform activities such as walking, running, crawling, sitting, standing, or balancing.

  • Fine motor skills: Eating, drawing, playing, writing, and getting dressed depend on fine motor skills.

  • Language skills: These include both verbal and nonverbal communication (body language.)

  • Cognitive skills: Learning, problem solving, reasoning, and memory are the result of developing cognitive skills.

  • Social skills: Social skills development includes good relationships with friends, family, and teachers, plus teamwork and the development of compassion.

Parents can use guidelines to track and monitor their child's progress and can help encourage this development in the home. There are many indoor and outdoor play parks in Atlanta and a day trip is not only good for development of social and gross motor skills, but is also great for spending some quality family time together.

Our developmental assessment driven infant curriculum at Kids 'R' Kids of Cascade, Atlanta, Georgia, helps your child grow and flourish, giving them a head start in life. Contact us today to find out more about our unique programs.

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